Success Stories

We would like to share just a few out of hundreds of success stories that were sent to us by our clients. We have over 600 couples that are having an exclusive / committed relationship at this time. Our average success marriage rate is anywhere from 3 to 7 weddings per month. This is based on what we did for these clients anywhere from 1 month to 12 years ago.

“I tried MIH and one other well established Honolulu dating service and there was no comparison. The quality of the women and the service provided by MIH was far superior. MIH introduced me to many beautiful, intelligent, interesting and family oriented women that were very consistent with the type of person I had been seeking to meet. I highly recommend MIH to any single man interested in meeting a long term partner in Hawaii.”
Michael 44, Business Owner

“We just celebrated the birth of our first daughter on March 2, 2006. Our daughter’s name is ______ and she was 5lbs 15oz at birth. Thank you so much in helping me finds the love of my life. We are so happy and thrilled with our daughter. All of this would not have been possible without you!!! Thanks MIH!!!”
Allan 38, a high ranked Professional and Mariko 30, an Elementary School Teacher

“We recommend the service that MIH offers to anyone who is ready for a committed relationship. We found each other through this process and we are truly blessed. We exchanged our wedding vow this year and now we are just finishing up decorating our new home together.”
Ken 43, Medical Doctor and Yoko 39, Professional Make-up Artist

“We wanted to thank you again! We are so happy and are both 100% committed to our life long relationship. The love we share for each other is unconditional. We both understand that our relationship requires continuous time and effort to keep the love strong and growing. We will come back to see you when we get our wedding pictures – Aloha”
Sean 41, Insurance Executive and Mikki 35, Volunteer Worker

“Your service is the best of its kind!!! I would recommend this service to anyone, even to my Mother. I am a widower and I thought I would never feel like this again like the way I felt about my wife who passed on. I am glade that I called to schedule and met with you for my free consultation. After going through this process and meeting this wonderful woman is hard to believe. However, believe me; we are getting married in August. We are grateful to MIH for assisting us to become one.”
Rod 55, Attorney at Law and Yumiko 39, Music Teacher

“We are so happy!! We just got engaged to be married in first week of July of this year. We have so much to do from planning our wedding and moving together in our new home. Thank you MIH, we are both very pleased for the service that was provided.”
Richard 54, Director and Marilyn 42, Medical Office Manager

“We both feel that meeting the opposite sex in a nigh club or bar atmosphere works only for a very few individual and web site dating service attracts more non serious individuals and it is not at all discreet. Both of us feel that we made that right choice of retained the services from MIH. We have been in a relationship for about 6 months since the first day that we where introduce to each other.
Every individual is different with needs, likes, attraction and preference. MIH recognizes this. Do what we did, go and schedule a free consultation first and then decides if the MIH service is for you or not. We are glade that we did.”
Jason 33, Engineer and YH 34, Sales Executive

“I was away from Hawaii for about 3 years finishing my JD degree in the mainland. When I came back home, I did not know where to go to meet single women that had good education and background.
Within less than 4 months since retaining the service from MIH, I met my further wife. Our plan is to be married before the end of 2006. Thank MIH from the both of us.”
Eric 33, Attorney at Law and Emi 37, Stylist

“I fell in love with a woman that just so happen to be living in Japan.”
Wayne 44, Business Owner and Kaori 34, Elementary English Teach

“Not only did I retain my services from MIH, I also retained services from three other dating services on this Island at the same time. I wanted to maximize my options. However, MIH is far and beyond with every aspect of dating service / matchmaker. MIH can’t be compared with three other competitors. Just based on my experience, MIH was most professional from start to finish.
I met the man of my dream and I literally mean this. We want to thank MIH and we will inform you when we set the wedding date.”
Teri 51, Real estate Broker

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